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An outstanding place for food lovers: Mamu’s infusion

If the same regular restaurant’s décor bore you, then it’s a chance to head to the theme based locations of Jaipur that are counting with surprising waves in everything, be it their upholstery, furniture, and even the waiters’ uniforms.
If you desire something new – not just on your dish but also in the décor of the cafe you visit, then it’s a chance to break out in some quirky theme based eateries. Visit the best Victorian theme cafe in Jaipur that offer exclusive cuisine in order additional to modern environment that are including a zest to Jaipur’s meals field.
It certainly won’t be wrong to say that Mamu’s infusion is still as well-known nowadays as it was when it set up shop in the 90s… that was sufficient time when street kiosks selling junk meals to young people had just about taken off. Those who were raised in Jaipur at that time would no question remember those times when as students they would area up here for its delightful coffee. There was no spot to sit — would end up seated on motorbikes or in vehicles — didn’t matter at all. It is a different tale nowadays. The location has been enhanced upon, better and shifted to another location: it is an open-air cafe, and there is something to fit all tastes: Spanish, France, China and Indian meals. Try their Hot & Bitter Broth, chicken wings and vegetables (Red Marinade Rice, White Marinade Pasta) and sizzlers (Mamu’s Special Sizzler, France Sizzler). Affordable and the best value for money, the 50-cover Mamu’s Café of nowadays still has a very chilled-out air to it. Service is great and it is among the well-known eating joint parts in C-Scheme.
Mamu’s Infusion is an exclusive place for food lovers, providing outstanding delicacies with the best possible Preferences.
After a very effective journey of mamu’s infusion. Now comes up with the new experience of proper cuisine with a very exclusive genuine France classic atmosphere. Mamu’s infusion provides a wide variety of intercontinental brews hot & Cold Drinks.”
This thematic designed café is packed with vintage and distressed wood furniture with every wall having a well-defined personality. Here you can read food stories, and learn cooking with the help of cooking guides on the bookracks, though all of it together is a little complicated. The unique décor can be exciting for guests, and the foodstuff live-up their expectation too. They only provide veggie options, but you will love their sizzler, pizzas with fresh toppings, and sweets.
The quirky presentation of the Chocolate Mud Pie (Rs 150) served like an actual pot with a stick of basil and a small water-dispenser containing chocolate is truly hard to resist!

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