Bhangarh – The Ghost Fort on Jaipur Alwar Highway

Haunted places or spooky destination are the most exciting places to visit. Though most of the people do not dare to travel a haunted destination this deserted town is a tourist attraction. However, for some, it is fun to explore the existence of ghost. Since childhood, you have heard numerous ghost stories, but Bhangarh has some very twisted tales without any written evidences so far. All the stories are either folklore or the personal experience of people.
History and Geography:
The story of Bhangadh goes long back to the 17th century, when Raja Mansingh built the fort for his grandson Madho Singh. The king Madho Singh named the fort Bhangarh (Mangadh) in the name of his grandfather. The fortress of Bhangarh is located between Jaipur and Alwar, falling in the Alwar district surrounded by the Aravali hills. It is located at 235 kilometers from Delhi. Go on the outskirts of Sariska Reserve to enter the Bhangarh territory, you need to cross Ajabgarh through Thanagazhi and Pratapgarh where the sloppy terrain of the fort starts.
The Premises:
As soon as you enter the main gate, you will observe the exclusive board of the Archeological Survey of India that forbids the entrance in the fort premises after sunset and before sunrise. However, for a spooky fort, the lush greenery is quite serene. The main gate (Bhoot Bangla) is in remnants now. You can discover many temples of Hindu God and Goddess, Palaces and Havelis inside the gate. Apart from Bhoot Bangla, there are four other gates for the entry called the Delhi Gate, The Ajmeri Gate, The Lahori Fort and the Phulbari Gate. The other allures inside the Fort are Hanuman Temple, Ganesh Temple, Purohit Ji ki Haveli, Nanchan Ki Haveli, Mangla Devi Temple, Gopinath Temple, Johari Bazaar, Someshwar Temple, Navin Temple and Keshav Rai Temple. Most of the buildings are completely devastated, but the exquisite architectures of the fort talk about the glorious days itself. The Royal Palace is at the extreme end of the fort’s boundary.
The Legends:
The story of Bhangarh is weird. There are two legendary myths. The one talks about a Baba Balanath (the saint) who cursed the whole Bhangarh because he was against any building taller than his own was and so gradually, the whole fort devastated because of his incantation. The second and the most popular story gossip that a wizard fell in love with the princess (Ratnavati) of Bhangarh. He tried to seduce the princess through the magical love potion, but the princesses refused and throw the potion into a nearby boulder. The wizard died, but cursed the destruction of the whole fort.
The Spooky Experience:
The people around talk about the regular paranormal activities inside the fort and few even claimed to see something spooky. It says that people who entered the fort after sunset, neither returned nor found later. Whatever it is, one cannot deny the eerie feelings inside the fort. It can be the real or just a mental illusion, but Bhangarh is not for chicken-hearted people.

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