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Top places to eat and entertain in Jaipur

During the era of Rajputs, India has seen the emergence of magnificent monuments and tombs. If one considers Jaipur it is an epitome of excellence. The city was painted with pink colour in 1876 to offer grand welcome to Prince Albert, and still it maintains its heritage. Not only is it one of the best tourist destinations in the country, but also the world. You must know the best time to visit Jaipur, which is from the month of October to March, and the best place to get entertained and best places to taste Rajasthan cuisine when in the city. Some of the top attractions of Jaipur are as follows
Choki Dhani:
Its concept is based on Rajasthan culture. The local along with the foreign tourists are extremely interested in experiencing the culture of Rajasthan, and this place provides best of it. It is not far to reach and is located on the national highway in a calm atmosphere. You and your family will love to visit this place over and over again. Such is the popularity of this tourist destination that it has spread to other parts of the country.

Pink Pearl:
It is a brainchild of the Choki Dhani group and located on the outskirts of Jaipur. It is a safe and ideal tourist spot for families. It is the first of its kind having a water park.

City Palace:
It is must visit for history lovers. The Mubarak Mahal, and the Chandra Mahal are biggest attraction in palace complex besides other buildings. It was built during 1929 to 1932, and it is located in the heart of the city of Jaipur. The history of the place has a strong relation to the rulers of Jaipur and their heirs.

Jawahar Kala Kendra:
It is a multi-arts centre located in the city of Jaipur. For preserving the culture and tradition of Rajasthan this Kendra was built by the government of Rajasthan. It is the home of three permanent galleries as well as three other galleries. It has a theatre festival that is held every year. It adapts as well as applies the concepts from the Vastu Vidya. The place is visited for serious discussions, craft fairs and affordable and hygienic food.

Statue Circle:
It is a major landmark of the city of Jaipur. It got its name from Sawai Mann Singh who holds it and it is depicted in marble. Showing his love for astrology the great ruler is seen holding an astrological diagram. It is place to hangout having sips of cold coffee, which is very famous among college students.

Albert Hall:
The foundation stone of Albert Hall was laid during the time of the Prince of Charles. It was designed by Samuel Jacob and is located in the Ram Niwas Garden and in a way it is also known as the central government museum. It derives its name from King Edward 2, and the foundation stone was laid on 6th February 1876.

Jaipur Zoo
Zoo was opened in the year 1877, and it is one of the oldest ones in the country. It is located near to the Albert Hall, and it is divided into two parts. One is for the mammals, and the other one is for the birds. The zoo, museum and garden together makes the spot must visit place in Jaipur.

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