Jaipur Jungle

Theme based restaurant in Jaipur

Are you a creative freak? If you are thinking out of the box, not only in terms of food but the décor, then theme based restaurants are something that you need to consider. Here is a list of some of the top theme based restaurants in Jaipur that present a different aspect to the food culture of Jaipur. The list goes on as follows
Café Kalapani:
This restaurant is centrally located, and there is enough space for group dining. In recent times, the restaurant has undergone a major renovation. It has a nice atmosphere and the food as well as the drinks are of excellent quality. This restaurant is modeled as per Indian jail, and sprinkles of water are located in the dining area. It is an ideal place to visit during the summer seasons. The restaurant showcases a theme where one is imprisoned in jail. It is spread over two levels, and there are basically two sitting areas. Two are located on the top floor and two on the down floor. The furniture that is handpicked also adds a new dimension to the place.

Jaipur Jungle:
Located in Raja Park, it is one of the best places to look forward in Jaipur. One can order anything from the menu as the food quality is excellent. Since the prices are pocket-friendly, you can try out the buffet. It is based on the jungle theme, and it is a great place to go out for a romantic date. The ambiance is good, and it is located on the rooftop. The staff members are dressed as rangers, and the Led lights present a different setting to the place altogether. The kids tend to appreciate the green color around them.

Bon Voyage:
The ambiance is nice, and the taste is pretty decent. The prices are high, but you can consider it for the location. The theme is based on an airplane, and the food is good with the grill as an option to try.
Sky Waltz Café:
Situated on NH8, the place is away from the main city and the place has a plethora of options in terms of cuisine and it ranges from Italian, Continental to the local desi. The pricing is apt, and the taste is of the highest order. It is one of the few places in the country to have a wooden oven, and the preparations are good as well. It is located in the foothills of the Aravalis, and this place is all about flying machines as well as the airplanes. You will find everything here from the time of Wright Brothers to the modern day jet planes. If you are not hungry and looking for an appetite, then the board area games zone is something to look forward too.
Mamu’s Infusion café:
It is a rooftop restaurant and as the menu suggests, reading the menu becomes a bit difficult. Some reviews suggest that the food is a bit on the costly side, but the drinks are pretty refreshing of sorts. It is decorated in Victorian theme.

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