Bullet Baba Temple

Zenith of belief- Bullet Baba Temple of NH-65

Rajasthan hold lot of wonders under its belt. Bullet Baba Temple, on Jodhpur-Pali highway is one of them. Even small cornered villages have become celebrity as they display strong convictions. Village Chotila is popular for a strange deity -Royal Enfield motor bike. This encased bike god is worshipped by marwaris and non-marwaris too.

Legend behind great devotion

A local village leader Thakur Jog Singh’s son Om Singh Rathore is the core of belief. About couple of decade ago, on 2nd Dec, 1988 Om Singh Rathore was killed in fatal accident while travelling from Bangdi to his home in Chotila. He was driving Royal Enfield number 7773 on NH-65 and suddenly a mystic flash appeared before him which is why he lost balance to hit a tree. Om banna died on spot while his bullet fell into trench in close proximity.

The local police took out the bike and took it to Rohet Police Station. Then a series of paranormal events happened as a result of consequences. The return of bike to the accident spot next day surprised everyone. Police took it again to police station, chained it, tires deflated and also emptied the petrol tank. Despite all the efforts the bike was again found on the accident site. Many other stories have been said. Some villagers bet having seen motorcycle running towards highway without driver. This fortified the belief in saintliness of Om banna.

Later the bike was encased and stood on concrete platform. It is decorated, incense sticks are lit and mantras are chanted before the bike. Every year on the date and time of accident the engine of bullet start automatically for few minutes. Jodhpur-Pali highway is considered highly accident prone area. Om banna was seen to save many serious accidents, so faith in him kept growing in people and they started worshipping him as god.

The news of miracle bike spread like wild fire. Today the temple is the site of great devotion and faith. Hundreds of devotees come to the shrine everyday to pray for safe journey. A lauding night is organized on the date of accident.

Locals patronized Om banna as saint and the supernatural happenings are caused by him. At the tender age of 21 the soul is kind hearted and pure. People believe his soul protects travellers on this road so every passer by stops here to request protection from accident and those who don’t stops are cursed with dangerous journey. Sometimes folks offer alcohol too at the place. They sing hymns in the name of their love for Om banna.

The site is 50km from Jodhpur in Pali district. Temple which is actually a memorial is the story of a simpleton turning into Holy Spirit. The 350 cc black bullet has a religious significance for people from far and wide. This unique feature of village Chotila is unbelievable, but is true.

India is dotted with numerous temples but bullet worship and the legend associated with it indeed makes the place one of the interesting tourist destinations in Rajasthan.

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