Lake Palace

Lake Palace

Lake Palace is an awe-inspiring citadel turned hotel in Udaipur on the lake Pichhola. It was previously known as Jag Niwas by the name of the Island on which it is located.  Maharana JagatSingh II guided the construction of Palace during the 18th century. The building stands facing east so that the occupants directly look at rising sun and offer prayer to the Hindu God of vitality- Lord Surya.

The magnificient edifice extends in 4 acres. This awesome building was designed by an American artist Didi contractor. With the passage of time, the building began to wear out. It was because of the initiatives of Bhagawat Singh, the worn out building JagNiwas was converted into Udaipur’s first luxury hotel. In 1971 Taj Group of Hotels took the management in their hand. Seventy five more rooms were added to the wonderful building with existing 83 decorated rooms and remarkable white marble walls. The black and white marble inlaid floors, intricate ornamented corners and dome interest onlookers.

It is a construction of unparalleled beauty on which India can undoubtedly boast of. The popularity of Palace boosted globally when it featured as villian’s place in James Bond film Octopussy. It is a beautiful hotel which gives bountiful sceneries of the neighbourhood from every room of the luxury hotel. One can enjoy the magnificent view of the nearby Aravalli Hills, City Palace, and Jagmandir.

The visitor can enjoy boat ride to cross Pichhola and reach the palace. Hotel has their own speed boat to carry guests. It is popular choice for destination wedding. True to Rajasthan culture the palace drench tourists with love and royal delight.

The wanderlusts that come here for getaways can avail of the cuisines in the hotels of the Taj Lake Palace. Assortment of Rajasthani food is presented in the hotel. Decedents of the master cooks of royal times serve traditional Rajasthani cuisine and European style dishes as well in “Royal kitchen”. Special seasonal delicacies are also offered to get some exotic tastes for tourists. During the crack of the evening, Amitsagar is full of quaffable foreign liquor such as Martin, Cocktail, Etc.

Enjoy a relaxing spa at hotel salon and get yourself free from all diseases with the help of traditional method of treatment. The alluring sceneries all around the hotel provide a cool atmosphere for people to put their brains at work. Various companies hold their meetings in the middle of the lake. This tranquil place with natural beauty at its best is a feast for the eyes of millions of travellers who come here to explore new places.

The successive restoration procedure maintains its beauty. It has raised standards with each passing day. Experienced and well trained staff from Taj kept Lake Palace as vibrant as it was in “Royal” years.

This heavenly place is listed as one of the most romantic places in the world. Lake Palace is blessed with natural beauty in abundance and is definitely puts an end to search for spending time- crunched wanderlusts. Drop in sometime to get treated royally!

How to reach  udaipur:

Udaipur is one of the most popular and well connected cities in Rajasthan, it is well connected through air and road links as well as railways and because of that a person traveling to Udaipur has all the options available and if a person is planing a road trip then also Udaipur is well connected to all the major cities of Rajasthan.

Maharana Pratap airport or Dabok airport is how the Udaipur airport is known as and it is well connected by daily flights from all the metro cities of India.

Udaipur railway station: It  is known as udaipur city railway station (UDZ)  and is well connected via rail route will all the major cities and town and trains are available round the clock also it is dotted with a number of hotels and lodges so if a person has not booked a place to stay can easily find accommodation here before starting his journey to the city of lakes .

by road connectivity: udaipur is connected to rest of the country through 3 national highways i.e NH8, NH48 , NH27 and apart from state transport buses there are a lot of private bus operators who connect udaipur to rest of the country and the kind of buses range from regular buses to sleeper coaches and Volvo bus service which is also operated by rajsthan state transport.

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