Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal


Located in the pink city of Jaipur near city palace and jantar mantar is the palace of wind or hawamahal as it is popularly known as was built by maharaja of jaipur sawai pratap singh ji in 1799. It is remarkable building overlooking one of the main streets of the erstwhile market of Jaipur. It has two major courtyards and five stories with different names given to each of them. If a person looks at hawa mahal from the sirhyodi market then it looks like the crown of lord Krishna as maharaja sawai pratap singh ji were very dedicated to lord Krishna.

The courtyards of first floor were used to celebrate festivals of spring and the second floor which has a lot of glass work done in it. It was named as ratan mandir or temple of jewels .the third floor was dedicated for the worship of lord Krishna and this was the place where prayers were held regularly. The fourth floor is known as prakash mandir or temple of light and the fifth floor is named as hawa mandir or temple of wind after which the building is named as hawa mahal.

One of the unusual things we found here is its top three stories are just single rooms with courtyards also the decorative element which makes this building stands out is only at one side and is missing on the inner part of the building. The chambers are plain and are more a mass of pillars and passages leading to the top storey.

According to legends this motive behind constructing this building was for the ladies of the royal household  who observed a very strict pardah and this unusual palace with a lot of windows or openings partially blocked by fine lattice work in lime plaster and some plain wooden windows gave them a place from where  they can witness the royal processions passing from the markets and  other activities happening on the streets ,if you notice the way stairs are constructed for  five floors then you will find that there are no actual stairs made but there is a slope with grid lines to it so that you do not slip while going up or down the stairs.

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