City Palace

The complex of numerous decorated cupolas, towers, pillars and terraces form Rajasthan’s largest palace know as City Palace. Delicate inlay work, mirrors, and colourful glasses decorate this marble creation.
City Palace was built as a blend of Rajasthani, Medieval, European, Chinese and Islamic architecture. The construction of this massive edifice started in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh II and took 400 years to complete. This 244 meters long and 30.4 meters high citadel spreads in an area of 20,000 square meters. It consists of series of affluent palaces, weaponry, gateways (Pols), courts and art gallery. The intentionally build zigzag corridor linking chowks are ingenious.
Located on the eastern bank of Pichhola Lake it stands on hill looking proudly at the city surroundings and composes picturesque setting with Aravalli hills in the backdrop and lake in the vicinity. Udaipur was ruled by Mewar kingdom. Since the fort saw 76 generations of Rajputs it connotes valour.
Many legends are associated with the mighty palace. It is said that Maharana Udai Singh met a meditating saint on knoll above Pichhola Lake who asked him to erect the palace on this spot.
Impressive arched gate ‘Bara Pol’ is entry to City Palace. Paralleled with shops till ‘Tripolia Pol’ the arena adds liveliness to the magnificence. The royals were weighed in gold and silver under the 8 marble arches between the two poles.
Amar Vilas is the highest pavilion dotted with lush lynching precincts with cascading water from fountain.
Awesome artistry keep engaged
Fort comprises of 11 small separate palaces. Dilkhusha Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Badi Mahal, Manek mahal and Sheesh Mahal each have unique elements to tempt the senses. Mardana Mahal (palace for the royal men) and The Zenana Mahal (palace for the royal ladies) have been opened to public as museum since 1969. It exhibit vintage armaments, weapons, clothes, jewelry and other personal belongings of successive rulers.Their architecture display spectacular workmanship. Glass inlay work, exquisite murals and miniature paintings from the Mewar School of art decorate walls of each palace.
Chinese art palace (Chini Chitrashala) laden with 18th century built Chinese and Dutch tile-work is interesting for every visitor. Apart from the masonry hand painted peacocks are very important feature of ornamentation.
Engrossing majesty of Mor Chowk
The Palace courtyard is known as Mor Chowk or Peacock square because of the richly decorated peacocks along its walls. Three peacocks represent the three weathers- summer, winter and monsoon. It was constructed by Maharana Sajjan Singh 200 years after the foundation of Palace was laid. Jharokas oversees apartment that is beautifully painted with scenes of Lord Krishna’s legend. Colored glass inlay adorn projecting terrace and walls of adjoining Kanch-ki-Burj.
Temples of Rang Mahal attract religious travelers. The art gallery at Bhim Vilas contains remarkable collection of miniature paintings portraying Radha-Krishna stories while Laxmi Vilas Chowk art gallery demonstrates classic Mewar paintings.
Architectural beauty has some wonderful memories of elephant fights. The last fight was contended in 1995. Beautiful peacocks and scenes from the Radha-Krishna stories, colored glass inlay work and Chinese tiles are instant attention grabber.


How to reach :

Udaipur is one of the most popular and well connected cities in Rajasthan, it is well connected through air and road links as well as railways and because of that a person traveling to Udaipur has all the options available and if a person is planing a road trip then also Udaipur is well connected to all the major cities of Rajasthan.

Maharana Pratap airport or Dabok airport is how the Udaipur airport is known as and it is well connected by daily flights from all the metro cities of India.

Udaipur railway station: It  is known as udaipur city railway station (UDZ)  and is well connected via rail route will all the major cities and town and trains are available round the clock also it is dotted with a number of hotels and lodges so if a person has not booked a place to stay can easily find accommodation here before starting his journey to the city of lakes .

by road connectivity: udaipur is connected to rest of the country through 3 national highways i.e NH8, NH48 , NH27 and apart from state transport buses there are a lot of private bus operators who connect udaipur to rest of the country and the kind of buses range from regular buses to sleeper coaches and Volvo bus service which is also operated by rajsthan state transport.



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